a Spiritual Knowing that you’re ready now; and a human-being kick up the ass to make sure you get there

Do it, Share it, Change it, Be it !

You are creating your tomorrow, today... It's time to say enough of the B.S.
Every single action you take is a moment of transformation – in which you hold the magic to be able to
create the tomorrow that you choose!

The meaning of life is life...
the magic happens when you choose to live it!

January 15, 2018

Do you really know What You Want?

What do you want? What do you really want? It seems a simple enough question, right? On one level it’s the easiest question in the world, but allow that question to open us deeper into our true hearts desires and we can hit a door into a whole world of scary that very few of us ever want to look into.
October 5, 2017

Don’t you dare tell me! A message to yourself when you feel like giving up.

Don’t you dare tell me, that you can’t do this! Don’t you dare tell me, that it’s too much for you, too scary for you, too difficult for you or too hard. Don’t you dare tell me, that this is not what you are here to do, or to share or to become.
August 10, 2017

What if?!… fear was not really a thing?

What if?!.. fear was not really a ‘thing’? What if fear is just a word, a label, a signpost to a feeling that was never even there.
July 24, 2017

What if?! Life was all belief

What if?! it was all belief. What if?! this life was all a projection of judgment, wrapped in walls of imagination, built by more belief of how those walls should be.
June 19, 2017

What If?!… there’s no such thing as stuck?

What If?!... there’s no such thing as stuck? What if stuck was just a figment of your imagination.
June 13, 2017

What If?! This was the beginning

What If?!... This was the beginning of a new way, a new you, a new way to be?
August 5, 2016
What if... just because

What if?! Just because…

What if?! Just Because was the key to happiness?
August 3, 2016
Life shifts exponentially in small periods of time when we allow ourselves to listen instead of think
~ Cat Knott. But What If?! You allow yourself to be free, to let go of the need to understand...
July 14, 2016

What if you just need to step back?

What if?! you need to step back, to step away, to see things more clearly...
March 16, 2016

What if?! All you need to know, was found in silence?

What if?! All you need to know, was found in silence? What if?! All you need to hear, was heard in silence?   What if?! All […]