About me

Hi there I’m Cat Knott,

Who am I? I'm a totally dedicated courage giver, encourager, pivot point, solution finder and pompom waver – I love nothing more than walking with people to find their answers; to get unstuck and move forward.

This journey of life isn’t just about getting by, and making do – it’s about living the best life we can everyday.

I believe that 'Everything is Alchemy'...

I believe that the meaning of life is life, and if we tap into every part of ourselves; choose to let go of our B.S,  take action toward who we were born to be, and what we want to happen - THAT is when the magic of life really happens.

I’m an Intuitive Creative : Supporting business with soul purpose and heart led vision

I work with entrepreneurs to get the vision and intentions for their business fixed and moving forward. I’ve helped hundreds of people get their message out there into the world, and also to get back on track and fall in love with their passion again when its all gone a bit squiffy.

Be the potential of your future, is how I work with my business clients, and as an Intuitive I’ve been able to guide a greater vision into being than was often dreamed possible.
Walk as your future self, and you’ll soon catch up!

I’m a frantic Pom Pom waver : Courage empowerer. Action Alchemist. Coach & Mentor.

I love nothing more than supporting others to find their passion and to be there on the journey for their scary steps forward that make amazing change happen in their lives. Sometimes it’s just the small things that make the biggest difference. Small decisions lead to learning to listen to yourself, trusting in your decisions and (sharp intake of breath) realising it’s OK to put your own needs first.

Moving toward the source of your excitement and taking action is the magic that makes change happen!

I'm a never ending listener : a curious mind

During my life I’ve experienced what can only be described as weirdness, and on the road to understanding I’ve committed to be open to anything that comes along; whether it makes sense or not. I’ve truly faced my fears, going from being totally terrified of the possibility of things beyond my senses, to embracing that possibility with excitement and cheeky anticipation of the next amazing level of possibility to come along.

Totally fascinated by psychology, the mind, human behaviour, metaphysics, esoterics and energy in every form – I’ve gone on a journey through the psychic to the psychological, and I’ve peeled away layers of preconceptions and truths; and my oh my there's always something new to learn.

I currently live a happy life with my husband (who thinks I’m a little bit mad) and our dog (who I think agrees with my husband) in central France to add to the excitement. We’ve overcome stressful times and I’ve learned more from those few years than seem possible.
Every new challenge holds within it the chance to see life from a new perspective.

Life is magic if you choose to live it. Everything is a collaboration. Everyday I have new questions about life. I want to know more, and I’ll never stop listening! Cat Knott