What if?! You just breathe… and take your best guess

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February 18, 2016
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March 1, 2016
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What if?! You just breathe… and take your best guess

What if you just breathe and take your best guess

Breathe… Stop thinking. Stop trying to figure it out.

Stop wondering how, and when & what will be.

Breathe… and take your best guess,
thats all any of us can do.

Will it work out?
Will I win?
Will I be healthy?
Will the storms come?
Will they like it?
Will I suceed?
Will I fail?

Life is unpredictable,
there’s no way to control, or to manipulate or to know the way ahead or what it may bring.

So Breathe… Beware the oncoming thought storm that will sweep you away,
…and take your best guess.


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Cat Knott
Cat Knott
Cat Knott : Transformational Alchemist, inspirational coach, writer and speaker, brings together every part of you with a Spiritual Knowing that 'You're Ready Now' and a human-being kick up the ass to make sure you get there! An unashamed believer that there is magic in the world she has become a powerful pivot point as she challenges and dares us with a smile, to embrace the fact that our soul is calling us to Do it, Share it, Change it, Be it. Find more from her at https://www.facebook.com/CatKnottOfficial

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