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The meaning of Life
is LIFE!

The MAGIC happens, when you choose to LIVE it

Welcome to LIFE... in all it's messed up, mixed up AND infinte, magical extraordinaryness!

Hi there, I'm Cat Knott...

and if you've found your way here, you're probably a fellow Warrior on the pathless path of life trying to make sense of the WTF?! of it all, while knowing that inside of you there's something amazing that you KNOW you're here to make real... if only you knew exactly what that was, and how to get there.

Well, the good news is that YOU are already more magical than you can possibly imagine! and it's time to hold on tight and enjoy the ride, as Life is ready and waiting for YOU to live it!

What If?!

Questions to make you ponder,
scratch you head, and open to the infinte Possibility of Possibility!

Latest Posts...

May 21, 2018

Why you should never say you are ‘only’ or ‘just’ anything, ever again!

Only and Just are deflectors of greatness! YOU are NOT ‘only’ anything, or ever ‘just’ something. Everything about YOU is amazing. Everything YOU are is unique and powerful in its own way.
May 15, 2018

Do you really know What You Want?

What do you want? What do you really want? It seems a simple enough question, right? On one level it’s the easiest question in the world, but allow that question to open us deeper into our true hearts desires and we can hit a door into a whole world of scary that very few of us ever want to look into.

It's my job
to keep YOU
toward YOU!

Cat Knott

"This is my navigation guide to the incomprehension of Life as a human, and how to be totally cool with not understanding any of it!
I don't believe we can ever truly understand any of it while we're here kicking around as humans - so I do my best to simply listen, ask, open to possibility... and I never, ever, cease to be amazed!"
~ Cat