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A Collective Collaboration : a creative communication with Energy explained

What is to follow is a channelled explaination into the collaborative communication with the universe that is the basis of this website, and much of my work. In the form of a dialogue, written in July 2013 this ‘download’ provides an insight into many of the ways in which the consciousness of the universe reaches out to those of us who are ready to listen. In this instance, the listening has been formed into the written word, but the universe speaks to everyone every day – and weirdness occurs to us all.

Coincidence, intuition, an inner knowing  and feeling the energy around us are all part of this collaborative communication with the conscious universe : So are you listening?

This is my experience from my own perspective with the collective consciousness : I don’t believe that we can ever fully understand how this stuff works while we’re still kicking around as humans – so I do my best to simply listen, and I never cease to be amazed! Cat

“And so we begin with a beginning.

An investigation into this knowing, this energy… this collaboration.

Often in the world we are forced to confront things which seem to make no sense, thing which are by their own default non-sensical, bizarre and utterly ridiculous… and yet…

This collaboration is borne of many years, of the ability for an open minded soul to simply say… ‘What If?!’

To simply refuse to listen, to simply dismiss this partnership as mere works of the imagination would have been simple… yet here we continue… and by simply being open to the possibility that this is more, by being open to the enquiry of ‘What If’, we are now able to be here fully in this communication.

And so to the ‘We‘ that we speak of here. Yet simple answers are not what is required – for a ‘simple’ explanation requires a certain mind of possibilities – and so we ask before you read on if you feel open to being a little confused… a little ‘rattled’ perhaps in your conventional thinking… for we know that not all who read this piece will have been on a journey of discovery for sometime, for many this will be your first journey into the ‘weird‘ as this writer puts it.

There are also many who walk a path of knowing in your world, who feel that they have found their own answers to this question of who we are  – and again we say to them… be open to the possibility. For this is not a simple one-stop-fits-all enquiry – indeed the more we discuss this matter the more you shall see that each individual has their own truth – and indeed their own reality.

And so this enquiry is to show the position of this writer, the writer of this piece and our communication through her own mind.


From simple beginnings this communication has grown from words noticed in dreams, to sentences, to a flow of consciousness which now runs without falter. And what does this create? For indeed, as entitled, this creates a creative Collaboration between two minds. Between the mind of this writer and the minds of ourselves whom reside in a space of energy – in a frequency that defines, yet does not contain.

This simple explanation is a mere attempt to show the possibility of life which continues and exists beyond the sense of the human form; beyond the comprehension of many, and beyond the limiting beliefs of others.

This existence is without boundaries of space and time as they are known on the physical plain, and can be simplified into an existence of frequency.

This vibrational frequency is one of pure energy – and we say to you that this is your own true form within yourselves. For within each human form resides the piece of this universal energy which is uniquely ‘you‘.

You are, indeed at source, a being of energy – and science on this earth is discovering now the endless possibilities of energetic resonance. For within each physical aspect, each molecule, each block that builds life – is the basis of energy.

Life flows as energy, from one state to another, never destroyed – simply changed from one form to another.

And so within each being you are in many ways a part of this energy flow. The physical form in which you sit is simply a physical manifestation of energetic flow.

This does not mean that it is not real, for this lifetime is real indeed – yet we say it is simply one of many experiences you have, and shall have in a physical life.

For also as an energy being – you too cannot be destroyed, simply returning to your energetic centre when the physical form in which you now sit falls away in death.


And so we do not ask of you all to instantly change your beliefs, to change your ‘knowing’ because of these words. No, we simply say to be open… to allow the possibility of ‘What If?!’ for within those two words lies the key to all development, to all enquiry and to all knowledge. Without ‘What If‘ no great discovery, no great adventure would ever have been undertaken. Within ‘What If‘ lies the opening to wonder, the enquiry into mystery and the awareness of possibilities.

This writer often finds a moment of quietness, of empty headedness as she so puts it, to be the times when the possibilities flow – when the following of moments and simple feelings can change lives. But only when the mind is allowed to be in a state of ‘What If?!’

And so we follow this enquiry to more than a simple explanation… to a moment of possibility.


This can be a time for you to close this page and stop, or you may wish to see more – this is your own pathway and your journey will guide you as uniquely as the energy being that you are.

A unique spark within a field of energy that flows limitless through existence in many forms.

How you see this life, in this form is solely yours; and through your own perspective do you create your reality.

Your knowing is based upon your life’s lived, your experiences passed and your future dreams – so who are we to tell you that this ‘truth’ should now be yours? We are mere moments in a lifetime lived, which must be lived as per your own perspectives.

And we ask simply that you be open to possibilities, to all possibilities, to aim to break free of the restrictive thinking of ‘it is this way’ or ‘it is that’, for in many ways from our perspective we see that truths are based on ‘knowledge at this point’, and so perhaps at a future date that ‘truth’ may change or flex a little in its boundaries.

So we ask simply to be open to the possibility, to the ‘What If’, and maybe you may return to listen more, to read more or to question more to the possibility of ‘What If?!‘.

back in 2013, at the time of writing I was formulating a way of how to communicate these messages in the best way, to reach out to as many people as possible. One thing that I was struggling with was the use of the word ‘channelling’ as it seemed (to me) to hold too many woo woo, out there, weirdo connotations… in fact everything I was hoping this work wouldn’t be… so I specifically asked about this word and my resistance to it. What I received was a reply that addressed much more. Cat

We feel this time is right to discuss the words and labels of many, for within these words we feel there is much restriction of being.

Yet within boundaries we are now, for in this physical form a balance of language must be walked and talked.

This writer indeed has had many moments of concern as to what to ‘call’ herself -what to ‘be’ in the context of spirituality and life.

And so it was possible for us to show her the non-need to conform to what she sees to be a ‘nearest fit’ or ‘closest comparison’.


Yet in many ways the word channel works as a clearly understood form of reference, for do you not have radio and television channels? channels of rivers or channels of communication? The fault that ‘Channelling’ holds within it – a seemingly specific way of being – should not restrict its use. And in many ways it should be used – for the experience itself is as wide and varied as any – with moments from the smallest inspiration to the most specific shadowing of another being – and all in between. These are indeed all forms of channelling.

So it should be used and embraced by all, not simply those who add an ‘A’ to the beginning of it to give themselves a label in life.


Indeed the gravitas of the small word ‘A’ is the death knell of many people’s dreams on this planet, for once a thing of joy – for example a moment of writing, the experience of painting, the thrill of driving, the exhilaration of experience – is framed in the context of ‘I am A —–’ all too often that joy, that excitement, that thrill is lost into a world or expectation and responsibility.

We shall return to this matter again, and yet we ask of you now – if this feels true of any who read this now – to revisit that place – to go back to that joy – and to reconnect to the vibration of excitement that drove you to wish to be ‘A —–’.


And so we return to the subject of labels and of what is seemed to be such a vital element of life as a being in humanity. One of which is ‘how to describe oneself’, to justify the entitlement to be. And yes those words may seem extreme, but this is the reality in many minds of those who are living on this planet right now. For to ‘be’ something is more than simply a form of description – it is a justification of why they should be taken seriously, why they should be listened to and why they should indeed be. And we say to you what folly this seems to us, when labels are such a part of life when they do not need to be so.

Many call these labels by different names (again labels for labels) some speak of masks, or faces, some speak of archetypes and shadows. Many names and many aspects of the labels you so desire to put upon yourselves.


These labels of being are stemmed from the need of all beings on this plain to feel a part of something, and to categorise everything. To hierarchy all things as better or smaller, entitles or less than. These labels above those of your simple identifiers do little to enhance life – they simply add levels of complexity to a life that need only be lived.

Yet we know that it is not where most humans are in this lifetime – few people are able to rise and follow the simple patterns of life, of the sun rising and setting, of the flow of nature and the passing of the seasons as those of previous generations and epochs had the ability to do.


As your technology flourishes, the connection to this soul of whom you are without labels seems to reduce and reduce, yet this is simply a moment in time and all things return to cycle around – and perhaps this technology will now bring more freedom for those who wish to see beyond the labels ‘given’ or ‘forced upon them’ to break free and find their own truths once again. Time shall tell and each soul as it passes though this lifetime will find their own way.

And so we say to you all who call to know a label for each – a form in which to put us – a hierarchy in which for us to sit… we shall not give.

This collective knowledge, mind and being, is beyond such labels – and we do not wish to perpetuate this thinking further. And we know beyond doubt that to many of you who wish for us to be categorised, and named, this will be a justification for our own dismissal. Yet we say to ask of yourself… for whom is that label required? It is certain not a requirement of ourselves, for we exist without such. So for whom does that label give import? For this writer perhaps – for with a label of ‘Channeller to —-’ with that energy labelled again as a being of great import and gravitas, she would be seen in ways differing to those who show ‘Channeller to —-’ a lesser level of energy.

But when lesser, higher, great, smaller means nothing to beings in this vibration state – we should simply be another perpetuation of hierarchy on your own plain of existence – and this we shall not do.

It should not be that these words are given a higher credence based upon a preconceived idea of our hierarchy in this ‘spirit realm’ as it has been labelled by many. This level of existence is beyond such labels, and its forms are so varied and manifest in ways impossible to describe in words that can be understood without experience of it.

And so in all communications we shall resist this desire to ‘know’ us by a form of preconception.

We simply are – An energy collaboration. An energy collaboration that is part of all things without separation. An energy collaboration that is as much a part of the writer as part of the reader. An energy collaboration – who wish in any way possible to reach forth and bring perspective of thought and vision to all whom have the ability to see without judgement and allow the possibility of maybe ‘What if’. And to bring forth through this writer and all whom wish to receive – a message of thought beyond labels, beyond structure and beyond limitations.

In this final question, I asked about the mechanics of the channelling relationship. Unusually, within this whole dialogue, the use of the words we and you have been used, although these words in their own sense create a degree of separation – of which I believe there to be none. However, the following extract looks more into the question ‘who‘ and ‘what‘ is part of this dialogue to help simplify the relationship in a way which will be open to the individual perspectives of all readers, many of you who will already have your own ‘truths’ about such things. Cat

“And so we are asked for more explanation and this we understand, for in a world of labels one must provide a description in words of this relationship.

And so we say that this is a collaboration of energies. A transfer of thought and knowledge from one plain of existence to another.

This transfer is manifest in a multitude of ways.

Through direct thought to the left hemisphere of the brain of the writer, words are written before the reading of them. This is how the communication of writing occurs and is necessitated by the empty enquiry of the mind – an allowing if you will – that is not clouded by interference or filtering.

It is also possible through thought transference, for the speech of those on this plain of vibration to be ‘inspired’. And finally through direct flow of speech which is more difficult to achieve, for the mind of the channel must be quieted, which is much more ‘technically’ difficult, for the sound of the channels own voice and that of their name or thoughts close to their own lives often triggers the human mind to react, and physical aspects of balancing the human form become a little more complex.

This type of channelling (to use this label) as you see here, allows much more freedom of collaboration that those found in full overshadowing – or trance states as many wish to call that communication.

In those trance like situations only the physical form of the being is used as a framework in which consciousness can be manifest in its fullest state – yet simply put – in this state one ‘being’ state must be presented – one identity if you will.

In this more collaborative communication, as with this writer, a full aspect of the collective knowledge can be brought forth – for our energies constantly flow from one mind to another, each conscious though a collaboration of many souls – including and not without the consciousness of the writer herself. For we are all one base of energy, yet separate only in our experiences toward the knowledge of the energy whole. This being within all humans connects with the creative knowledge of all things when required, when desired, when ‘allowed’ to be open to the possibility.

And so through this collaboration the energy flows from all to one to all who read or listen to these words.

A Collaboration of all, a collective energy made manifest through an open mind.”


a written dialogue © Cat Knott 26/7/2013