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About me

Hi there I’m Cat Knott,

Who am I? I’m a totally dedicated life adventurer, channeller, writer, coach, courage giver, encourager, pivot point, solution finder and pompom waver.

This journey of life isn’t just about getting by, and making do – it’s about choosing to BE all that we are here to be and living the biggest and best life we possibly can.

Everything is Alchemy!

I believe that the meaning of life is life, and when we choose to LIVE it, that’s when the magic really happens.

I’m a never ending listener : a curious mind

During my life I’ve experienced what can only be described as weirdness, and on the road to understanding I’ve committed to be open to anything that comes along; whether it makes sense or not. I’ve truly faced my fears, going from being totally terrified of the possibility of things beyond my senses, to embracing that possibility with excitement and cheeky anticipation of the next amazing level of possibility to come along.

Totally fascinated by psychology, the mind, human behaviour, metaphysics, esoterics and energy in every form – I’ve gone on a journey through the psychic to the psychological, and I’ve peeled away layers of preconceptions and truths; and my oh my, there’s always something new to learn.

I currently live a happy life with my husband (who thinks I’m a little bit mad) and our dog (who I think agrees with my husband) in central France to add to the excitement. We’ve overcome stressful times and I’ve learned more from those few years than seem possible.

Every new challenge holds within it the chance to see life from a new perspective.

It’s taken me many years to finally grow into the bravery I’ve needed, to become all I need to be, to do the work that I do. 

It’s not happened overnight, and in many ways I wish I’d had a ME back then to help me stay true to what I was being called to BE and create.

A few years ago I was terrified of sharing all of the weirdness of life as I was living it. Just the thought of letting any of the ‘collaborative downloads’ I was channelling out of my notebooks and into the world would bring me out on a cold sweat and fill my heart with visions of pitchforks and burning torches.

Now though, I’m living my life out of the shadows, sharing my thoughts, sharing my intuitions and helping others to find their own way to their own heart, Soul and who they are here to become. Life is magically when you let it be. And I’m  honored to be able to walk with so many others who are on the pathless path, to forge their own way forward, and be all that they were born to be.


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