I KNOW you’re ready now!

It’s time to reconnect, realign, and get you moving!

Stuck, undecided, lost, overwhelmed or just searching for your passion?
No matter what you want to change, achieve or move toward; let’s get you out of your own way.

In this personal, 60 minute, 1-2-1 Alchemy session, we’ll work together to…
  • Get clear at where you are and what you want. This is a safe time where you can share your thoughts, ideas, dreams and who or how you want to be.
  • Get perspective. I’ll listen to your words, but also tune into your energy. You can look forward to an hour where I’ll bring together your whole self to be able to see your vision wider than before.
  • Uncover hidden challenges Are you in alignment with what you’re moving toward? We’ll look at what else may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last, or that are slowing you down along the way.
  • Leave the session renewed, re-energized, inspired to finally achieve the change you want to see.


Cat Knott

Transformational Alchemy : How do we work together?

This is an hour dedicated to you, of compassionate but honest truth, to look at where you are – and shift you toward change.

If you’re inspired, excited and driven to create, share or be something unique and wonderful in the world; what you choose today, creates the reality of your tomorrow.

All sessions will be video to help us really connect, held via Zoom / Skype / Google Hangouts.

Let’s get moving…

Jo Lucarelli

It is rare to find someone like Cat in this world. She has a way of seeing behind the walls you create for yourself and getting right to the heart of things. Before working with Cat, I felt stuck, lost and as if I'd exhausted all my options. I was trying too hard and nothing seemed to be working. Not one hour later I felt re-energised, connected back to my authentic self and with ideas flowing from my heart. I am ever grateful for the safe, authentic and open space she created for me to uncover the next step on my path. Thank you Cat!


“The meaning of Life is Life, and the magic happens when you choose to live it!”



If you want to have regular insightful, humorous, stretch your understanding of life conversations. If you know that looking at the world differently would be a good thing, you’re just not 100% sure how to do that. If you need someone to champion you, tell you how wonderful you are. If you occasionally need a bit of a poke and a prod because you snap back into old ways quite easily. If you want to explore all the possibilities in life that you had previously put into the “that’s not me” box. If you want your internal world to calm; while your external world explodes with options and awesome new avenues. Then you should work with Cat Knott.