Bullsh*t Analysis : Instant Solutions to Cut the Crap and Get Moving, for Free!

This book is all about Bullsh*t. The sort of BS that makes perfectly amazing, creative, generous and powerful people stay completely hidden, or end up lingering on the verges of their own potential, but never quite reaching it.

I’m not signing off on your Bullshit reasons for why you’re not, and neither should you!

Your Bullsh*t wants to keep you small, it wants to make you stay safe and give in to your fears. Its power lies in its ability to keep you from trying. It wants you to believe that you can’t!

It’s time to break through the destructive aspects of your personal, self generated BS and tell your Bullsh*t that YOU CAN!

In Bullsh*t Analysis you'll find Instant Solutions to Cut the Crap and Get Moving for the top 10 BS reasons for NOT DOING the thing you want to make happen.

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