Imagine if you could receive a message from your Soul, the part that shines inside of you, but is hidden behind all the human being nonsense we struggle with everyday.

Channeling YOU‘ is a chance to receive a unique and personal message, from your  higher self, that knows all that you are capable to be.

These messages are always filled with love and encouragement, allowing you to hear a reflection of your own inner connection to Universal truth and love.

Once your request has been received, I will take time to remotely connect to you and your energy, and will hand-write a channeled message directly to you; from YOU! An mp3 recording will then be sent to you via email, as well the original written message being sent to you by post, no matter where you are in the world.

This is a unique offering which will allow you to hear the part of you that knows who you really are, and who always guides you to shine as a brighter version of you.

Order Now ~ €79

Approx’ exchange rates of €79 as of 28-sept-17 : US $95 / UK £70
(Payment is made via Paypal/credit card and will be converted automatically before you purchase.)