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I See You!

I see who you are.

I see all of you.

Not just your limits, your troubles, your anxiety, your problems, struggles or disappointments.

I DON’T see who you believe yourself to be.


I see that part of you that you were born to be.

Every ounce of unlimited potential, that you have within you,

already, right now!

I won’t allow you to remain where you are, believing what you do, while knowing that you are meant for MORE,

meant to be everything you were born to be!

I will hold you in a space of UNLIMITED belief in YOU!

In unlimited compassion for where you are,

and an unlimited knowing that it is NEVER too late to change,

or become another version of who you are.


You are more powerful than you ever allow yourself to believe.

You are more capable than you can ever imagine.

You are already more than you can ever believe.


I believe in the power of YOU to change.

I believe in the courage in you to become more than you are.

I believe in the Warrior within you that has the power to shift the world,

just by becoming all that you can be!


~ Evolutionary Coaching ~
Transformational Alchemy

1 hour 1-2-1

Bring where you are, invite change,
& awaken to new possibilities

1-2-1 sessions to Move you Forward!
We take where you are (in life, or a project) decide what you need & open to new ideas and energy to get you pointing toward where you want to be.

Are you ready to realign to YOU! To move forward more powerfully toward the truth of YOU?

These 1 hour sessions are dedicated to YOU, to realign, awaken and refocus.

Bring where you are, we’ll leave judgements at the door, and adventure into possibility.

I know its hard to be brave enough to walk unashamedly toward what it is you truly want. 

I know its difficult to believe that you are THAT powerful, capable, and able to create what you wish to achieve. 

I know that sometimes, we all need someone who believes in us, sees the fullest potential of who we are,  and is capable of holding space for us to unfold, dream THAT big, and KNOW that we CAN do this! 

YOU ARE ALREADY MORE CAPABLE AND MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN BELIEVE. This is a session where you will be encouraged to GO THERE, DREAM BIG, and ALLOW INFINITE POTENTIAL to challenge your perceptions. 

In these 1-2-1 sessions you will be working with me Cat Knott, as human coach and guide, however please be aware that there is always a possibility that The Crew show up too, to offer a wider perspective on your life, world or work, depending upon your individual awareness, acceptance and circumstances.

A Transformational Coaching session is the perfect opportunity to return to YOU –  when you need a realign or refocus toward YOU your purpose and vision. 

Click the Book Now button to order your first session now,  and we’ll then connect to arrange your appointment time – availability is usually within 7 working days.

Onwards – Adventures Ahead!

Your Investment in YOU for a 1-2-1 hour, via zoom, is €155 (although please block out 90 minutes in your diary).

Want to work with me to walk with you, into your next evolution of you?
Do you have a project you’d like to unfold with myself and The Crew at your side?

Then I also offer packages of 12 x 1hour sessions.

  • From lost to international success and a new energizing form of being in 6 months thanks to Cat! Cat was referred to me by a trusted person who introduced her like this: "I know what you need, you have to meet Magic Cat!" I kept asking myself: Will she be able to help me to get back on track? Back then I remember I was skeptical. Then, session after session, week after week, conversation after conversation, step by step, I launched my business again, not only in Italy but in Europe, I began to see with fresh eyes the country where I live so much to have a great success (I appeared in newspapers and on TV !). I let go of the pain. And, my goal:  it has been transformed into an international project. Some days I find myself pinching my cheeks! I know you're skeptical! I was too! But one thing that Cat will constantly repeat will be "Be You! Be You! Be YOU!" This is where Magic comes from! But she not only repeats it, she helps you to be yourself, to accept yourself, to love yourself, and from there to build potential and opportunities for yourself. This I see as Magic: she keeps everything connected with YOU until you thrive being yourself and experiencing the success you deserve to live!
    Ramona Tufaru
    Earth Leaders Impact


We will stretch, together.

Dream bigger.

Experiment constantly.

Try hard & believe even further.

I will question your questions & expand your perspective

until your barriers simply drop away,

or we’ll go around them, under them or over them.


Let’s get started!


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