What if?!… fear was not really a thing?

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July 24, 2017
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October 5, 2017
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What if?!… fear was not really a thing?

What if?!..

fear was not really a ‘thing’?

What if fear is just a word,

a label,

a signpost to a feeling that was never even there.


What if?!

fear, is the thought,

and the feeling is just physical,

a building of adrenaline,

a mix of natural elements,

but not ‘fear’ itself.


What if?!

‘fear’ was nothing more than a label we use,

for a thing that is something else,

that gets it’s power from the label itself,

not from the ‘thing’.


What if?!

fear is nothing real.

Just a word

What if?! That is true,


Cat Knott’s Ponderings : What If ~ 26-6-17

Cat Knott
Cat Knott
Cat Knott : Transformational Alchemist, inspirational coach, writer and speaker, brings together every part of you with a Spiritual Knowing that 'You're Ready Now' and a human-being kick up the ass to make sure you get there! An unashamed believer that there is magic in the world she has become a powerful pivot point as she challenges and dares us with a smile, to embrace the fact that our soul is calling us to Do it, Share it, Change it, Be it. Find more from her at https://www.facebook.com/CatKnottOfficial

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