Mentoring with Cat Knott : Claim your unlived life you are born to live

Your soul is whispering: Do it, Share it, Change it, Be it.

My mentoring work is to help you listen to that call, and move that way.


Everything you are, everything you think, everything you have been, everthing you will be and want to be… everything… is moving you forward.

The meaning of Life, is Life – and that life is meant to be lived: fully!


Each month I work 1-2-1 with a limited number of mentoring clients, to help you to listen to the call of your soul, move beyond the walls of your own making, get unstuck and move toward who and what you want to be.

I’m here to help you BE YOU, and claim the unlived life that you are here to live!

To share new perspectives and possibilities.
To support you as you feel your way to a deeper understanding of where you are right now and where you are going.
To shine a light on the collaboration of things that are seen and unseen.

To walk with you – every part of you – as you listen, dig, discover, uncover and Be more, Share more, and Live more, everyday.

Sustained  Shift Mentoring
How do we work together?

Bringing your whole self forward – YOU 100%.

A personal journey to get focused on your pull toward change, and making it happen.

Everyone in this world is entirely unique, and our work together will be as unique as you are.

Mentoring is over a 6 or 12 month period.

If you would like to discuss working with me, to break open your own possibilities and potentials no matter what your soul is calling you to Do, Share or Be; please contact me on the form below, to connect and discuss how we can work together to make this powerful sustained shift toward YOU. 

Cat Knott Mentoring

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Petra McLouglin

Thought Leader

Working with Cat has been truly life changing. I was looking for direction, a new perspective on life (as the current one was not serving me) and someone I could laugh with while I did it. Cat brings humour, intelligence and high energy to every session. Along with this she has the ability to deliver compassion and support when you need it. Her steely determination that you will believe how magnificent you are is ever present as your sessions unfold. If you want someone to champion you, stretch you, have fun with the process and understand you in every state that you are, then you should be working with Cat Knott.

Nick Williams

Best-selling author of ten books, including The Work We Were Born To Do

Cat was introduced to me when I was closing down one business and opening another. I no longer had a business partner, and I was floundering to understand things that I hadn’t previously needed to be troubled with. Cat became my guardian angel! She gently took me by the hand and helped me understand what had been a mystery to me, did some things for me, and gently and firmly helped me become empowered in a whole new way. I have been able to unfold a whole new chapter, and Cat has been pivotal in helping me get there. Cat has a wonderful combination of technical understanding, along with great human coaching, and the ability to “cut through the crap” to what is real and important. She holds you tenderly and firmly pushes you forward and she does all that with a great sense of humour.
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    I only offer a few mentoring spaces each month, so if you would love to work with me to expand your possibilities and connect to the real YOU that your soul is calling you to be; the first step is for us to have a conversation.
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