Shine your Awesome & Own your Message. Live Course with Cat Knott

How to effectively KNOW, OWN, and SHARE what it is that you do.

☆ Shine your Awesome ~ Own your Message ☆

It should be the easiest thing in the world, right?!.. to explain what it is that you do in the world.

The work that you do is what gets you out of bed and keeps you on purpose every day – but the truth is that so few of us know how to effectively know, own and share :

Who am I?

What do I do?

Why am I so passionate and driven to do it?

and most importantly. . . Why am I exactly the right person that my clients need to work with?

Does that sound familiar?

We’ve all had that awkward moment where we’re asked, “so what do you do?“… sweats, panic, erm… “well, I’m A blah blah blah blah blah“… and the person we’re talking to squirms off to grab the last vol-au-vent at the buffet.

What you do should shine from you, it should flow easily into every conversation no matter who you’re talking to, or what company you’re in. But as Soul Led Entrepreneurs we’re generally here in business by accident, we’re doing our work as a calling, and noones really taught us how to Shine in our Awesome, or Own our Message… so we often end up listing our qualifications, as if that is who we are. Erm… NO!

We’re here to SHINE bright, to do our WORK our way and to say ‘enough’ to hiding our awesomeness.

If you’re ready to ditch the awkward chats, and dodgy web copy – then this course is PERFECT for you!

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This 6 week course will take you on a personal adventure ride into YOU, your BUSINESS and your CLIENTS.

You’ll Dig Deep into your skills and passions and get super clear on your WHY.

You’ll finally understand your clients, and how to connect to their needs and passions.

You’ll forge your personal message to communicate your Awesomeness to everyone you speak to, write to or who visits your website.

And You’ll finally have the words to share your Magic Mojo that you do each and every day!

Shine your awesome ~ Own your message

During this 6 weeks you’ll receive :

A pre-course questionaire to evaluate your Now, and get you in the mindset for change.

2 personal 1-2-1 skype sessions (worth €238), YES! 1-2-1 you won’t be buying this course and never completing it, I promise you.

A weekly video with challenges and tasks.

Access to Q&A’s with me & personal feedback in our private FB Group, where we’ll be working together to get this done!

Support from each other to Shine your Awesome!

The more you are YOU the more people you connect with!


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We’re not just talking, these weeks are all about taking action and Getting IT Done!

Week 1

Who am I again?

Let’s take a good look at you! Get ready for a deep dive into who you are, how you got here and what you are really aiming for.

Discover who I am

Week 2

What’s your WHY?

Once you know your Why, you know the real roots of your work, and everything you do, share and create all builds from there.

What's my Why

Week 3

It’s all about them!

Finally understand your tribe, identify your clients and decide who you really want to work with!

Know your Tribe

Week 4

Why should they care?

Understanding your message through they eyes of others, & why your authenticity means everything.

Through their eyes

Week 5

Copywriting magic

Bring up your BOOM! How to write for your website, emails, blogs or social so that people sit-up and listen.

Copywriting Magic

Week 6


Let’s bring this all together in an awesome celebration of ‘ALL ABOUT YOU’, as you OWN YOUR MESSAGE!

Shine your Awesome

+ Bonus content : Resistance on the Path

As you move through the process you’ll likely come across resistance on your path, perhaps from your inner beliefs, perhaps from your past experience or fears for the future.

We’ll be putting in steps to help you see those blocks as they appear and mindfully move them aside.


Sue DeCaro

PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Co-Founder of Building Connected Communities, Speaker, Educator

Cat Knott is a brilliant, creative business consultant with a proven track record. She has incredible insight and helps her clients to clarify, in detail, their business direction, focus, audience, and mission. Cat does this in such a magical fashion, bringing you from beginning to end in no time at all. Her business knowledge and expertise are outstanding and can be utilized for any business anywhere. Cat has a keen eye, bringing your clarity, mission and direction out for the public to see. There is no one like Cat Knott. Hiring her was one of the best business decisions that I ever made. Thank you Cat.

6 weeks to:  SEE yourself clearly; KNOW your skills; BELIEVE in your Awesomeness; OWN YOUR MESSAGE.

Online, face to face or in your sales letters / emails / facebook posts / twitter feed or any other place you’ll know what skills you have to share and why YOU are uniquely placed to share them!

You’ll understand your clients, know how to speak their language and be confident in SHINING YOUR AWESOME!