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Soul-Led Warriors

Inner Circle

Personal support, and channeled weekly group recordings
Universally Guided.

Keeping YOU pointing toward YOU.
Allowing Leaders & Way-Showers a safe space to evolve.

I see you, Warrior

I see you, every day, courageously stepping into the unknown.
Building your work, your life, your vision around your calling, your passion and your purpose.

Soul-led Warriors like you, are driven to keep moving, keep creating, keep supporting, and keep shining – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Warriors, like you show courage to the world, and ignite bravery in others – simply by living as the trailblazer that you are – but that doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes feel lost and bewildered by the WTF’ness of it all.

You are Unique. You are powerful, and you are determined to feed your own Soul, and manifest your own vision of life by walking your own path every day – but you also know, that there will be bumps in the road, a heap load of resistance and a hell of a lot of healing to do along the way.

How do I know you? Because I am you.
Each Soul-Led Warrior who is being called from the pit of their being to bring something ‘different’ into this world, walks this path with you.

I also know, how really, really, really f’in hard it is to stay on track with who you want to be. Sometimes it feels like everything in this world wants to knock you off your path. It can feel like everything is trying to pull you down into what’s been done before, and every coach is trying to convert you into a carbon copy, cookie cutter version of what someone else has already done and already created.

I Know that your Soul…

is shouting, nudging, urging you – loudly and clearly to carry on, to keep on, to go forward, to be, to share and to do.

This World Needs…

visionaries, more than ever before. This world needs Soul-Led Warriors… just like you!

It is my work…

as a channeller and guide,

to support you, to continue to be the unique, powerful, awesome part of the Universe that you are here to be.

The Inner Circle – Channeled & Soul-Led Mentoring

As a warrior on the pathless path, I know that this life can feel like a lonely place sometimes.

We can feel as though noone quite gets us, or can hold a space wide enough to allow our vision to grow in a safe space.

We can believe that there is nowhere we can go, where we can share our own questions.

We can feel as though there’s no resource available to help us dig deeper, see wider and understand ourselves better.

Even when we have a connection to source, and the Universe – listening to that information brought through ourselves can be difficult to trust and hear with an open heart.

This inner circle, fills that space.

  • You can question aloud, you can ponder, and investigate your next steps, you can feel supported and guided – as often or as little as you need.
  • You’ll receive weekly emails, and channeled messages from the Universe – directed to you – The Warriors.
  • You’ll have access to a FB group where you can share, chat, celebrate and know that no question about life, purpose or direction is off limits.
  • You’ll have access to a Q&A with the Universe post each week, where you can request open answers to be channelled from The Crew.
  • Access to the full archives of all previous weekly messages.

* PLUS every 3 months, you’ll be invited to receive your own personal 15 minute channelled WTF?! Wisdom download – just for you!

This is a safe and sacred space where you’re encouraged and dared to expand and look life straight in the eye, while remaining wholly and 100% compassionate to yourselves and those around you.

We build on an understanding that we are all a unique spark of an infinite ‘all that is’, and are opening always to magical possibility.

Are you ready? Let’s Explore Together

Doors are open to a small group of Founding Members, to join me in the Inner Circle.
YOUR INVESTMENT : 83 euros per month.

(approx exchange rate $90 / £74)

* On the third monthly renewal of your membership, you will recieve an email with your WTF?! Wisdom Download invitation. 

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