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How would it feel to finally understand You, your Life, and the Work you're meant to be doing here...


Are you ready for an intentional, courageous, no holds barred, conversation with your Soul?
Are you ready to stop faffing around ‘trying’ all the time, and finally see the work you were born to create?
Are you ready to uncover, every part of all that you are?

Soul, Power, Heart, Purpose is a Transformational Collaboration, with your Soul’s Calling

Remember, re-vision, re-invent and re-discover YOU, your life and your work – from the roots of your Soul, to the highest expression of what you can create and who YOU want to be. 

This is not for the faint hearted – it’s for courageous Soul-Led Warriors, who are ready to intentionally walk toward life shifting transformation, while creating the work of their Soul.  

Hi there Warrior…

I’m Cat Knott, and I’ll be your guide through this powerful 1-2-1 journey, along with the collaborative energies I channel, ‘The Crew‘.

Awakening to, and understanding the true work I’m here to do in this world, has been one of the most liberating, yet toughest experiences of my life. Becoming a public channeler hasn’t been an easy road, but now I truly understand the power, and resonance of this work, I have never felt freer, not only to create and share the words that want to come through me – but also to bring the transformational power of the collaboration with The Crew to Soul Led Warriors just like you.

You will never be alone in this process, you’ll be guided in your unfolding by The Crew, supported by me, and held by the energy and power of your own Soul. This process will accelarate your journey to understanding and embodiment of your learning at warp speed, and I won’t apologise for the transformation that will happen, as I hold this space for your deep and daring exploration into YOU. 

I know that you are here for MORE!

And YOU know that you’re here for more. There is more of you to uncover, more to bring forward, more step into and more to let loose. HERE, you will find your FREEDOM!

  • Are you tired of the constant remaking, as you leap into a project, and then the next and the next, thinking that THIS IS IT, and they all feel right – for a few months – but then they’re never enough?
  • Do you wish you could finally get clarity on your direction?
  • Are you exausted with all the efforting, and learning, and courses, and programmes – that NEVER get you deep enough into the place you are aching to find?

The world needs YOU. Needs who you are, right now. The world needs YOU, Unique and freakin powerful, to be out there, and impacting the lives of those who are desperately searching, right now for your voice, your resonance and your work!

“At some level I already knew what my soul’s path was, I have sensed it, explored it with other coaches and identified many aspects. But working with Cat was different – one of the challenges in the past was that prior coaches seemed to try to take my soul’s path and immediately work to help me to fit it into some limited context of how that would look in the world – a project, a business, a plan. And while that seems to make a lot of sense, I always felt confined. My soul was screaming No! Cat understood this. SHE was the one who wouldn’t allow me to try to turn my soul’s expansive vision and desire to be expressed into a smaller expression in the world.”


is a powerful, 1-2-1 advanced mentoring programme.

You will uncover a perspective on your life as yet unseen, and experience a clear vision on how your work fits into who you are, and all that you are here to create

PLUS… we actually work together to make all that you discover REAL!
You’ll be guided, coached and supported over 16 weeks – to uncover, implement and then move forward with all the awesomeness you find.
No more falling back, and not following through – this is deep transformation made MANIFEST!

“Cat is so gifted in not only seeing what our soul’s paths are, what our essence is, but also in being able to hold the vastness of that (because it’s bigger than we can even imagine) and keep reminding us, keep pointing us back to ourselves. No matter how many times I would try to play smaller, turn the vast soul’s ideas into smaller human ideas, she would push my edges to expand a little more, a little more, a little more. And to this day, when I find myself shrinking or a little lost, I send her a quick note and she’s there to remind me of who I am, of my vastness, of my soul’s path.”

How it Works
Step 1

4 x 2 hour workshops

This is where the MAGIC happens!

You’ll be guided in four powerful quest workshops, into your own discovery of the 4 aspects of YOU that guide your life, and work.
You’ll also recieve channeled direction each week from The Crew, to prepare you for the upcoming visionary workshop, and each will build on the other to enhance and deepen your connection.

Workshop #1


Before Life
Vision Quest
Uncovering the 5Cs of the roots that flow into this life

Workshop #2


Being Life
Vision Quest
Discovering what sustains, lifts and feeds your life

Workshop #3


Creating Life
Vision Quest
The expansiveness of the work you are here to live

Workshop #4


Expressing Life
Vision Quest
Re-visioning & Re-empowering where you touch the world

We go on together, on guided journeys, out of place, out of space, and out of time – to expand your edges of understanding, and disolve the limitations of your belief in being.

So that you can be free to create – in freedom, in expansion and with a direction of infinite possibility.

Step 2

12 weeks of sustained progress : Rebuild, with all the juicy bits!

12 x 1 hour 1-2-1 momentum sessions where we take where you are, and keep you on track and aligned with your whole self, and expressions of your business.

This is a no F’kin around, get Sh*t Done process! You’ll need to show up, keep on, and moving forward!

12 weeks of email & whatsapp as you take practical, daily steps to becoming the natural leader of your own creative process.

It’s my job to keep you facing forward, facing the expansiveness of you – and keeping you knowing YOU ARE THAT BIG!

Over these 12 weeks I’ll be a constant presence of support in your world. A sounding block, connection to source wisdom, a listener to your wobbles, a second set of eyes and ears who knows your whole vision, and a practical hands-on, human guide (and if necessary Ass Kicker – you have been warned!)

Each of the 12 momentum sessions is unique to YOU and what is needed in that moment, this is not a cookie cutter, follow this steps road – it’s consitant personal MOMENTUM!

Step 3

Extra Support


You will uncover, release, come up against and be suprised by blocks, mental paterns, physical reactions and resistance by the boatloads – BUT YOU WILL BE CHOOSING TO WORK THROUGHT THAT at every step of the way.

You will also receive 3 hours of support from MY OWN go-to team for when I’m undergoing MASSIVE transformation. These will be selected, and built into your programme, as either a 1-2-1 call or remote energy work, before we start the journey, based on your particular journey.

As well as encouragment you to take responsibility for and implement your own self healing and energy work to keep you strong, .

“The more I align with my soul’s path, the more life feels right and life seems to align with it too. I know when something is NOT aligned so much faster and I know when something is not my path. I am much more clear with my Nopes and Yups in life. I know that my work with Cat was why I was able to really LIVE my soul’s path, rather than just know what it is. It requires courage to go against the grain, not live the way we are “supposed to” live our lives, but working with Cat showed me that there is no other way I want to live my life. And I am willing to be courageous and go outside of my comfort zone to live fully my soul’s destiny for me.”

Only 3 people will be working with me, Cat Knott, in this intensive 1-2-1 process at any time, and intakes are be limited to those people who are READY, for this work, to respect the dedication required for this truly transformational collaboration. IS THAT YOU?

This is right for you IF …

  • You are ready to adventure into every aspect of your existance
  • You are willing to let go of pre-existing realities
  • You are flexible to revision & redirect from a new space of Knowing and understanding
  • You are practiced with meditation, and comfortable with the principles of channeling and multidimensions
  • You are willing to be guided, enjoy the ride and be ready to explore deeply
  • You are able to accept to relax between sessions and let go of EFFORTING

This is NOT right for you IF, you…

    • Have not experienced meditation, channeling or think it’s all a load of woowoo nonsense
    • Are looking for another course to take to feel like you’re willing to move forward, but know you won’t follow through with that you find
    • Don’t want to be called out on where you’re holding back
    • Are looking for hustle and push, rather than commited momentum and flow
    • Are not ready to look beyond your current story
    • Want to see targeted outcomes, with guaranteed results – and you’re not aware that personal evolution is wayyyy more messy than that.

Soul, Power, Heart, Purpose : Are you ready?

As a Soul-led Warrior here in this world, you’re more aware of how real change takes place – through resonance shifts, of belief and awareness. You’re wiling to meet your spiritual evolution head on, and are not afraid to ‘go there’, to the places that shift you into the unknown, and the unmade.

This journey will untangle, expand and provoke you into a level of self trust in yourself, that you can then use to build and create from – at every level of your life. The journey is never ending, life is always unfolding – but with a new belief in yourself, you’ll finally feel 100% YOU!

Let's Talk About
Your Investment

This investment for this 16 week, personal journey is €4444 or four payments of €1111.

You probably already know if this is right for you. So, please only apply if you are serious and ready to make this investment.

I believe in YOU! I want you to recognise, that your mission, purpose, and direction – are already HERE.
If you know it’s time for a Transformational Collaboration, with your Soul’s Calling. Let’s go!

Not quite ready? Need to know more? Use the button above to contact me and ask me any questions you might have.
I want this to be the perfect fit for you!

“If you’re thinking about working with Cat, I highly recommend it! It’s worth the investment to tap into her genius (and her magic) to guide you to elevate your life from the daily grind to the soul’s shine.”

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