What if?! Just because…

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What if?! Just because…

What if... just because

The phrase ‘just because’ used to drive me mad as a child. So this What if, made me smile as I wrote it, and realised in that moment that this simple phrase actually holds within it the secret to an amazing, stress free, life ~ Cat


What if?! Just because was the key to happiness?

What if?! Just because was the trigger to acceptance and letting go?
What if? Within the words ‘just because’ lies the secret to living?

What if?! Life was all about acceptance of the moment; not the fight against what is?
What if?! Through ‘just because’; you can see beyond the ‘need to understand’, ‘see the point’, or ‘know whats next’.

Just because says: it is.

Just because knows: there’s no need for a reason.
Just because: means I’m here, and it’s OK that’s where I am.
Just because doesn’t think of what must be, what should be, what might be or what could have been.

Just because, just is.

Cat Knott
Cat Knott
Cat Knott : Transformational Alchemist, inspirational coach, writer and speaker, brings together every part of you with a Spiritual Knowing that 'You're Ready Now' and a human-being kick up the ass to make sure you get there! An unashamed believer that there is magic in the world she has become a powerful pivot point as she challenges and dares us with a smile, to embrace the fact that our soul is calling us to Do it, Share it, Change it, Be it. Find more from her at https://www.facebook.com/CatKnottOfficial

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