What is Action Alchemy

Action Alchemy with Cat Knott : a Spiritual Knowing that
you’re ready now to be who you want to be;
and a human-being kick up the ass to make sure you get there!

Everything in life is collaboration between what is known and unknown, between the things we understand and the stuff that remains miraculous, between inspiration and action!

All too often we are inspired, excited and driven to create, share or be something unique and wonderful in the world, but that potential remains unfulfilled because we’re too stuck in our mindset of human being BS.

Whatever it is you want to change, share or be… You’re Ready Now. There is a part of you that is ready and has always been ready for you to step into your calling.

It’s time to let loose that idea, that business, dream or goal; to be the amazing, powerful, successful person inside of you that is aching to get out.


The 3 steps to Action Alchemy

1 Acknowledge that you’ll never feel ready.

You’ll never feel ready. You’ll never feel like you know enough. You’ll never feel like you have the permission you’re looking. Doubts and fears are all part of being human. Acknowledge you’ll never feel ready… then do it anyway!

2 Decide to Act Now & Understand Later.

Every single action you take is a moment of transformation. Choose your direction by following your excitement; Act on it, and your destination will make itself clear along the way. With every step you take, the next step forward will appear.

3 Align. Mind, Will & Action.

You can overcome every Would, Could, Should, Maybe and If Only in your life by aligning Mind, Will and Action. With these three parts of you in alignment you’ll finally refuse to give into anything that’s an excuse NOT to do what you need to, to make your dreams goals and ideas a reality.


your callingLeave it up to the universe?

For most of us the call that’s within us is to LIVE, to be the unique expression of life that we were put on this earth to be; and no matter what your dream our goal it’s your responsibility to not give up on it. If you give in, or don’t begin, you’re allowing the world to be less than it should be. Without your expression of life within it – the world’s a lesser place.

Trust the universe? Absolutely Yes!

The universe got you this far. It piques your interest, inspires, whispers in your ear to remember, leads you to amazing opportunities, and slaps you around the face with synchronicities… but there comes a point when YOU need to take action on what the universe it pointing you toward.

With Action Alchemy you can change your life. You can choose to allow more of who you really are out into the world, you can make braver choices; you can decide to be who you really WANT to be.

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