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Hi I’m Cat Knott, and I see you.

I see you, and recognise within you the unique, Soul guided spark of the Universe that you truly are – AND human you, living in this life of uncertainty, that seems to make no sense.

No matter what has brought you here, it’s my job to keep you connected to your Soul, at every level of your life.

Whether you are looking for support in your business, life or spiritual evolution – I am here to support you through the WTF?! of life and awakening, and hold you in a space of unlimited belief in YOU!

Here’s how we can work together…

Wisdom Downloads with Cat Knott

Channeled Wisdom
for Soul-Led Guidance

Imagine if you could just for a few moments, feel as though you have touched-base with your Soul.

We all have within us a spark of Wsdom, love and compassion with shines inside of us, but is so often hidden behind all the noise, confusion and mixed-upness of everyday life.

That’s why I was called to offer these recorded channeled messages that allows you to hear a reflection of your own inner connection to YOU, your purpose and Universal truth.

These recordings allow you to focus on an areas where you’re searching for guidance, or an intention toward opening to more of who you truly are – helping you to live more as a SOUL-LED Warrior in a LIFE, that makes no sense.

They are always filled with wisdom and encouragement – as well as a vibrational transmission that will return you to center, and open your heart to potential and posibility.

Clcik through for more info & to order your 30 minute message.

Evolutionary Coaching
Transformational Alchemy

I believe in the power of YOU!
You were born to be a creator of your world, and bring with you a power and purpose which is within you, and calling you to make it real.

In these transformational coaching sessions, you bring where you are and awaken to new perspectives, possibilities and direction.

I believe in the Warrior within you that has the power to shift the world, simply by uncovering all you are and allowing yourself to be all that you can be!


Choose from 1 single session or a package of 8 for ongoing support and guidance.

Soul Led Warriors Inner Circle

Soul-Led Warriors
Inner Circle


Ready to finally understand why you’re here Now, and your Power as a guide & leader?
Ready to have the Universe challenge, and expand your belief in who you are and what you’re here to be?
Ready to stop pulling back from your greatness, and stand as a powerful Soul-led Warrior?
It’s time to stop struggling, and looking in the wrong direction!
This is your invitation, to EVOLVE!


Are you ready for an intentional, courageous, no holds barred, conversation with your Soul?

Remember, re-vision, re-invent and re-discover YOU, your life and your work – from the roots of your Soul, to the highest expression of what you can create and who YOU want to be.

This is not for the faint hearted – it’s for courageous Soul-Led Warriors, who are ready to intentionally walk toward life shifting transformation, while creating the work of their Soul.

  • From lost to international success and a new energizing form of being in 6 months thanks to Cat! Cat was referred to me by a trusted person who introduced her like this: "I know what you need, you have to meet Magic Cat!" I kept asking myself: Will she be able to help me to get back on track? Back then I remember I was skeptical. Then, session after session, week after week, conversation after conversation, step by step, I launched my business again, not only in Italy but in Europe, I began to see with fresh eyes the country where I live so much to have a great success (I appeared in newspapers and on TV !). I let go of the pain. And, my goal:  it has been transformed into an international project. Some days I find myself pinching my cheeks! I know you're skeptical! I was too! But one thing that Cat will constantly repeat will be "Be You! Be You! Be YOU!" This is where Magic comes from! But she not only repeats it, she helps you to be yourself, to accept yourself, to love yourself, and from there to build potential and opportunities for yourself. This I see as Magic: she keeps everything connected with YOU until you thrive being yourself and experiencing the success you deserve to live!
    Ramona Tufaru
    Earth Leaders Impact
  • Cat's reading literally blew me away! I'd vaguely asked for some guidance about my creative path as I was feeling a bit stuck and what I received was incredible. The channelled message acknowledged where I was right now, how I'd been feeling and the background which had brought me here. As well as understanding the importance of my creative path for me personally, I was shown how important my creativity is to the world which gave me a deep sense of calm and understanding. I found the insights, guidance and practical advice so valuable and I know I will be working with this message for a while before booking another reading with Cat. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.
    Sarah Cornforth
    The Magickal Creatrix


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