Trust the universe? Absolutely Yes!

Leave it up to the universe? Absolutely No!

The fun stuff starts with a magical mix of Inspiration AND Action

You’re Ready Now! You may not believe me just yet,
but there’s a huge part of you that is ready, and has always been ready
for you to step into who or what you want to be!


You’re ready for change. You want to finally get that ‘It‘, done; that ‘Thing‘ that whispers in your ear every day, but never quite makes it to the top of the to-do list, or never quite seems possible.

… and there’s a reason it never makes it there, and hasn’t been done yet. It’s because you’re human! Yes, sorry I know it’s kind of a bummer, but its part of the deal of being here right now, living this life.

There are always more reasons not to do, than there are to do the thing that will change your life! And, the more important that change feels to you, the more impossible it can seem to get moving toward it.

BUT The meaning of Life, is Life – and the magic happens when you choose to live it!


My work is to bring together every part of you, with a Spiritual Knowing that you’re ready Now to be who you want to be; and a human-being kick up the ass to make sure you get there!

Trust the universe? Absolutely Yes!

The universe got you this far. It piques your interest, inspires, whispers in your ear to remember, leads you to amazing opportunities, and slaps you around the face with synchronicities… but there comes a point when YOU need to take action on what the universe it pointing you toward.

Leave it up to the universe? Absolutely No!

For most of us the call that’s within us is to LIVE, to be the unique expression of life that we were put on this earth to be; and no matter what your dream our goal it’s your responsibility to not give up on it. If you give in, or don’t begin, you’re allowing the world to be less than it should be.

I’m here to be a Warrior for your unlived life, so lets get moving!

Here's how we can work together.

1-2-1 Alchemy

Getting you moving, now.

1 hour, one off sessions to shift your perspective, get you moving and look deeper into your present situation.

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Sustained Shift

Bringing your whole self forward.

A 6 or 12 month personal journey to get focused on your pull toward change, and making it happen.

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Your Soul's

Business visioning & support... YOUR way!

Your passion is your business & your soul is calling you to create something amazing; let's make it happen!

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Books & Courses

Upcoming books and programs
Coming soon :
I'm launching a series of self guided and group courses in the coming months as well as launching my second book, so watch this space.

Jo Lucarelli

It is rare to find someone like Cat in this world. She has a way of seeing behind the walls you create for yourself and getting right to the heart of things. Before working with Cat, I felt stuck, lost and as if I'd exhausted all my options. I was trying too hard and nothing seemed to be working. Not one hour later I felt re-energised, connected back to my authentic self and with ideas flowing from my heart. I am ever grateful for the safe, authentic and open space she created for me to uncover the next step on my path. Thank you Cat!