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WTF?! Wisdom

When life makes you ask WTF?!

it’s time for some Wisdom

Life is magical, mysterious, mixed up, extraordinary, complicated, messy and fabulous in so many ways!

The Universe wants us to trust, to find our own way, to follow our own calling and to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

And, I know that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably done heaps of work on yourself already, and you’re aware enough to know that you’re an evolution in progress.

But, let’s be honest now… from time to time, human you, would just like the Universe to reach down, in a way that makes sense, and tell you where you are, and what is going on?

That’s why I’ve been called to create these channeled offerings, to give you a chance to connect to the part of you that knows you, for all that you are, and sees you in nothing but love.

Wisdom Downloads with Cat Knott
Awakening Sessions with Cat Knott
  • Cat's reading literally blew me away! I'd vaguely asked for some guidance about my creative path as I was feeling a bit stuck and what I received was incredible. The channelled message acknowledged where I was right now, how I'd been feeling and the background which had brought me here. As well as understanding the importance of my creative path for me personally, I was shown how important my creativity is to the world which gave me a deep sense of calm and understanding. I found the insights, guidance and practical advice so valuable and I know I will be working with this message for a while before booking another reading with Cat. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.
    Sarah Cornforth
    The Magickal Creatrix
Wisdom Downloads with Cat Knott

WTF?! Wisdom Downloads

Do you know you’re getting intuitive nudges, and fragments of guidance, but you just can’t put them together?

No matter how many oracle cards you pull, you’ve still got a nagging feeling that there’s something you’re not seeing, and can’t quite get.

Or can you know that there’s something outside of your vision that you’re missing and you just can’t reach it on your own.

Sound familiar? This is for you!

You will receive :

~ 30 minute channeled message from the Universe, and your own Soul ~
~ Mp3 recording for you to keep and listen to as many times as you wish ~

Each message contains guidance at the highest vibration of love, toward your greatest good, as well as an energy transmission that goes beyond the words themselves.

This is not :

  • A psychic reading
  • You will not be told which boyfriend to choose, or which pair of shoes to invest in (always go for the louboutins – that just goes without saying).
  • Nor will you generally receive specifics in what choices to make or directions to turn.

This is :

  • A chance to hear the echoes of your own infinite self, in a truly loving and expansive energy.
  • A reconnection to all that you are, and an energy reset, to help you re-find your own way forward.
  • An opportunity to hear the reflected love of the Universe, for all that you are.

Once ordered you’ll be asked to complete a short form to request the direction of your Wisdom download (however, don’t be surprised if the message takes you in a direction that’s not quite where you thought you needed to be looking).

* Please allow 4 working days for receipt of your Mp3.

Awakening Sessions with Cat Knott

WTF?! Awakening Session

Channeled Wisdom Download & Visionary Coaching combined.

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing deep in your Soul that you’re ready for the next step, but have no idea what that’s meant to be.

This Awakening Session, brings together the Wisdom you’ll receive from the Universe, then brings it, you, and me together in powerful 1-2-1 sessions where we align, integrate and expand on the next steps to take.

As Soul-led humans and entrepreneurs, we’re constantly being called to expand, and become more than we’ve been before – but often in that expansion, we can feel lost along the way. Because, in the expansion, there’s no roadmaps or signposts apart from our own intuition.

This Awakening package will guide you into a new level of trust in your own knowing on what to focus on, and what to let go of, to begin to move forward with a new perspective on your world.

Deepening on the message you have received, and feeling further into its message and resonance in your day to day life.

You will receive : 

~ 30 minute pre-channel 1-2-1 remote session with Cat Knott  ~
~ 30 minute channeled message from the Universe, and your own Soul ~
~ Mp3 recording for you to keep and listen to as many times as you wish ~
~ 1 hour 1-2-1 remote deepening session with Cat Knott  ~

This is still not :

  • A psychic reading. I won’t be pulling cards or telling you your future.
  • I’ll still be telling you to choose the Louboutins, if you’re asking.
  • We won’t be arguing with the Universe, nor will I be trying to convince you why you should listen.

This is :

  • A unique, intimate, 1-2-1 time to delve deeper into your personal circumstances and see ways to expand and evolve.
  • Your opportunity to open further to the energy of the possibility and infinite potential of all that you are.

Once ordered you’ll be asked to complete a short request form. We will also liaise directly to find a date and time for your 1-2-1 sessions.

Soul-Led Mentoring

Channeled Wisdom, plus Evolutionary Coaching : 1-2-1 for 6 months

The thing I love most in this world is being able to offer channeled messages to people, to help them see more clearly what they are being called toward from the depth of their Soul.

These Soul-Led Mentoring packages, allow you to have a constant checkin with your Soul each month for the next 6 months. Combined with 1-2-1 coaching calls to assist you in understanding, and integrating your Souls calling each month.

This is the perfect offering, if you’re ready to fearlessly walk toward the wholeness, and powerfulness of YOU.

This mentoring package includes : 

~ 1 x 30 minute getting started 1-2-1 remote session with Cat Knott ~
~ Each month 1 x 30 minute channeled message to open your heart to the energy of the weeks ahead, or 2 x 15 minute channels (as directed by the Universe for each person) ~
~ 1 x 60 minute Coaching call per month, to help you integrate and embody the messages you receive in your own world ~
~ Additional support throughout the month via messenger or whatsapp ~

6 x monthly Payments of €155

(Approx £130 UK pounds ~ $170 US dollars)

1 single Payment of €930

(Approx £795 UK pounds ~ $1035 US dollars)

Please note :

  • Places are limited, please contact me to be notified of the next intake if no places are currently available.
  • Please be ready for the Universe (and me) to challenge you each month.
  • Once ordered I’ll reach out to find a date and time for your first session, your monthly channeled message will then fall each month on or around that date.

I’m so excited to offer you this package, and to watching how life unfolds.

  • What can I say except f#*%ing WOW!! To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I was extremely drawn to Cat's channeled messages but didn't quite know what was going to be dropping into my inbox. The impact of what I received was phenomenal to say the least. If you find yourself in a place where clarity is needed, perhaps a little sticky stuck or you need a very firm but kind arse kick then YOU MUST book one right now. They are fucking awesome AND I pinky swear it won't be the last one I book too.
    Emma Holmes
    Rebels & Rockstars

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Cat Knott…

A guide and way-finder for Warriors on the pathless path, just like you, who are daring to stand up & follow their calling.

My work is a collective collaboration with the Universe, to keep YOU pointing toward YOU, your own power, unique connection to life, magic and infinite potential.

Cat Knott
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