WTF?! WISDOM - Cat Knott


When life makes you ask WTF?!

it’s time for some Wisdom

Life is magical, mysterious, mixed up, extraordinary, complicated, messy and fabulous in so many ways!

The Universe wants us to trust, to find our own way, to follow our own calling and to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

And, I know that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably done heaps of work on yourself already, and you’re aware enough to know that you’re an evolution in progress.

But, let’s be honest now… from time to time, wouldn’t human you, would just like the Universe to reach down, in a way that makes sense, and tell you where you are, and what is going on?

Your Soul is guiding you, ALL of the time.

It’s just often, when we’re feeling stuck or in crisis… it’s diffcult to hear those loving whispers that your Soul is speaking to you.

That’s why I’ve been called to create these channelled offerings, and WTF?! Wisdom videos, blogs, interviews and guidance, to give you a chance to connect to the Wisdom that is always happening around you.

  • Cat's reading literally blew me away! I'd vaguely asked for some guidance about my creative path as I was feeling a bit stuck and what I received was incredible. The channelled message acknowledged where I was right now, how I'd been feeling and the background which had brought me here. As well as understanding the importance of my creative path for me personally, I was shown how important my creativity is to the world which gave me a deep sense of calm and understanding. I found the insights, guidance and practical advice so valuable and I know I will be working with this message for a while before booking another reading with Cat. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.
    Sarah Cornforth
    The Magickal Creatrix
  • What can I say except f#*%ing WOW!! To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I was extremely drawn to Cat's channeled messages but didn't quite know what was going to be dropping into my inbox. The impact of what I received was phenomenal to say the least. If you find yourself in a place where clarity is needed, perhaps a little sticky stuck or you need a very firm but kind arse kick then YOU MUST book one right now. They are fucking awesome AND I pinky swear it won't be the last one I book too.
    Emma Holmes
    Rebels & Rockstars
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