There’s a new generation of business in the World

Run by soul-led people, just like you!

You’re a part of this new generation of people, who are driven from the Soul, and who create a conscious business with foundations built on a passion, a joy, a calling.

These businesses are led by a heart-centered compassion to reach out; offer service, change lives and let people find the tools they need to grow strong and be more than they believe themselves to be.

What really drives a soul led business is the desire to make a difference, to share their truth with the world – to support and inspire others!

A Soul Led business is one who says… No I refuse! I refuse to tred the path that’s been done before & I am Daring to follow my own Soul, my own calling to do this work MY WAY! Because MY TRUTH is what guides me, my calling is what I navigate by and my business is a reflection of me and who I am being led to become.

If you are one of these people, I want you to know that I believe in you. . . I believe in Your Soul’s Business. I know about the unique challenges this sort of entrepreneurship brings with it, and I’m here to support you to stay on that path, to stay true to your nudges and intuitions – and to listen, always listen to your own knowing!

Your Soul’s Business brings together your authenticity with your unique gifts. By working together we can super charge that soul calling with simple, mindful, action that will shift and change not only your business, but the way that you see your business – giving you the courage and knowledge to grow, succeed and express your authenticity at every step!

Your Business ~ Your Way!

Cat Knott Different Perspective

Who am I – why am I the right person to support you on this journey?

In general… I’ve been there, seen it. done it. My collection of t-shirts is enormous, and over the last 20 years my life, and conscious connection has shifted me beyond where I thought I could possibly be.

I’m a unique collection of marketing and business knowledge in a human-being package that is inspired by spirit, and lives life from my soul everyday.

My passion is giving people just like you, who know they have something amazing to offer to the world, the courage and skills to be able to make that happen.

I’ve a huge amount of information stuffed into my brain: from technology solutions, website creation know-how, marketing insight, quick fixes, things to avoid and how to’s – to years of experience in seeing the bigger picture and knowing the pieces that need to be put together to make your BIG idea possible.

I absolutely trust that the universe has a plan for all of us, but I also believe there is a time when we need to recognize that inspiration, get practical, and meet that universal calling half way.

Only when you take the first step, can the second become clear. Together we’ll Listen, Plan & Take Action.

Not only am I an intuitive guide and creative on this journey, but I’m a practical get-stuck-in and take action kind of girl. If you’re stuck I’ll not let you stay there. In our work together I’ll often jump off the call to actually fix, investigate or get stuck into any technology that’s had you banging your head against the wall… and you’ll also be encouraged to do, not just to talk.


Sue DeCaro

PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Co-Founder of Building Connected Communities, Speaker, Educator

Cat Knott is a brilliant, creative business consultant with a proven track record. She has incredible insight and helps her clients to clarify, in detail, their business direction, focus, audience, and mission. Cat does this in such a magical fashion, bringing you from beginning to end in no time at all. Her business knowledge and expertise are outstanding and can be utilized for any business anywhere. Cat has a keen eye, bringing your clarity, mission and direction out for the public to see. There is no one like Cat Knott. Hiring her was one of the best business decisions that I ever made. Thank you Cat.

Transformational Business Alchemy : How do we work together?

Business visioning & support… YOUR way!

Your passion is your business & your soul is calling you to create something amazing; let’s make it happen!

I want you to feel empowered in your business, not overwhelmed by it and most importantly to stay true to the joy of the thing that made you want to do your work in the first place.


“The world doesn’t change by you following what’s been before – it changes by you daring to do things differently!”

Becky Walsh

Hay House author and Radio Presenter

Cat is an ideas person who can really get you moving in the right direction. She has been a constant support to me and my business for over ten years. Her wisdom and insight has kept me going even when it seemed impossible due to economic downturn and three relocations of myself and my business from the US to the UK. I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be today without her.

Vicky Warner

Healer. Guide.

I have been  a self employed healer for over 10 years and have always struggled to make ends meet.  I was just about to jack it in and go and get a 'normal job' when I started working with Cat.  Well what can I say, within 6 weeks it has completely transformed my life.  I now have structure,  I know how to market myself, I have clients and I feel so much more confident in myself.  I'm not going to lie, it was tough at times because it really challenges you to come out of the cave you have been hiding in.  But it really is worth it.  Thank you so much Cat, I couldn't have done it with out you.